>Learning Object development links

>The following documents and papers were really invaluable to me in my research and they clarified some of the mystery surrounding Learning Objects. I didn’t “get” the whole concept of LOs because I couldn’t equate them to the more “linear” process for developing materials for classroom training.

While there are some links over on the right side, these ones are a little more specific.

  1. The Herridge Group: Joanne Mowat is the principal for Herridge, and she’s also had a long involvement with the ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement) in Toronto. On her ‘White Papers’ page are two documents I found to be very, very helpful: An Introduction to Learning Objects, and Learning Objects and Instructional Design.
  2. AliveTek: This e-learning consulting firm has a number of Articles and documents worth reading, in particular, the Learning Object Storyboard, and the Learning Object Analysis Sheet. I use these two forms regularly.
  3. Article: We’re Not Designing Courses Anymore. An interesting article comparing traditional ISD with e-learning concepts.
  4. Article: Gagne’s Conditions of Learning. One of the articles I read made reference to his model, so it may be worth a look. Not e-learning specific, but interesting nonetheless. This article is a precis of Gagne’s work.
  5. Article: Repurposable Learning Objects Linked to Teaching and Learning Styles. A somewhat more in-depth paper on LO development. While there is some product-specific discussion, I found the overall content to be quite interesting.

Let me know if you find any of these useful. The big winner for me were the 2 papers from Joanne Mowat along with the storyboard and analysis sheets from AliveTek.


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