CSTD Scheduling Thoughts

>Apart from my previously discussed crying jag comments about lack of WiFi, today I really felt like a prisoner of the schedule overlaps.

I know it’s tough to try and cram everything into a short duration, but I’m struggling to grasp why we had to deal with the overlap between the core sessions and the Thought Leader tracks?  For example, @robsof and I were both in the A7 Session on Design Thinking (Valerie Hickey & David Brown), but the session with Karl Kapp started 15 mins before the end of that session AND ran through a significant portion of the lunch hour.

Maybe its just me, but I’m not a fan of feeling like I’m short-changed on any part of the conference experience (yeah, even when someone else is paying for it), because – darnit – that’s MY experience.  So I found myself rushing through lunch just so I wouldn’t be late for the first session after lunch.  Even then, if I wanted to make Bob Mosher’s session on informal learning, I get my break cut short.

No, I don’t know what the solution is, but I’ll take a page from Peter Block and hopefully start that conversation with someone.  How could we do this differently so we can distinguish between making choices and choosing to sacrifice?


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