Wholeperson PLN Thoughts and Thanks

Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth) has thrown out some queries in support of #plym12 that asked about people’s Top 3 tools for their PLN. Many of the results followed a similar theme: Twitter, Blogs, Social Bookmarking…that sort of thing.  My Top 3 were: Twitter, my Blog, and Evernote. Niall Gavin (@niallgavinuk) responded with a Top 5 and made the interesting inclusion of Instagram as part of his PLN.

That made me stop and think.

Niall and I are mutual followers on IG and I’ve enjoyed the renewal of my photographic hobby interest through that tool*.  But I considered it just that, a hobby.  Not necessarily something I would instinctively think of as a core part of my PLN, right??

Wrong. And I should have known better.

As Niall put it when I commented on the inclusion:

RT @niallgavinuk: RT @niallgavinuk: @elearningguy Just part of the mix; overlaps social and professional – #wholeperson #showingup

He’s absolutely right.  Everything that you do, particularly something that has a social, commentary, or developmental/creative aspect, contributes to your learning and growth. Had I actually taken a moment to think beyond the narrow confines of my assumptions, I would have remembered my recent Snapguide activity related to IG (ironically, the post right before this one).

So here’s my learning for today: Keep my PLN boundaries open. If I can learn something – no matter what I’m doing – then I’ve succeeded.

Thanks, Niall…I owe ya one.

*Desperately hoping that Facebook doesn’t completely fuck it up after the purchase

One thought on “Wholeperson PLN Thoughts and Thanks

  1. Wow; honoured to have stimulated such an honest and self-appraising blog Mark. You definitely show up as one of those ‘whole people’ to whom I referred. Thanks.

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